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The European Music Games are show competitions that are held every summer in various European countries. American-oriented show corps, drum & bugle corps, go head-to-head with each other in a competition. They bring innovating shows that consist of an energetic combination of music, dance and choreography. The avid musicians bring out the best of themselves in front of an expert judging panel and enthusiastic spectators. The European Music Games are a collaboration between Drum Corps Europe and various national organisations, the DCE Certified Partners, namely:

Drum Corps United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Drum Corps Nederland (The Netherlands)
Irish Marching Band Association (Ireland)
German Open (Germany)
Rasteder Musiktage (Germany)

A European judging panel, composed by Drum Corps Europe, will assess the show performances. At the end of the series of competitions, the national and European champions are crowned. The European Music Games are a unique concept in which international cooperation is key. The European competition circuit not only given new life to the competition element, but also literally stimulates corps to look beyond the borders and to learn from each other.

European show corps can participate in contests of all organisations that cooperate in the European Music Games, both at home and abroad. This is done on the basis of a European judging system, which is published in the DCE Competition Manual. This means that scores of different contests held in different countries are determined in the same way and can be compared.

Corps wanting to participate in the European Championships (the DCE European Championships organised by Drum Corps Europe) can sign up for this and will be selected based on a few selection criteria, including scores and geographical spread. The criteria can be found in the Terms & Conditions.